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Installation from binary packages in ArchLinux

(if you use other distros please install from sources or search in your distro repository: at the moment ArchLinux is one of the few yet having all the giFT binary packages in its reporitories)

  1. Install the daemon giftd
    pacman -S gift

  2. Install the plugins you are are interested in (you have to install at least one: otherwise giFT doesn't run)
    pacman -S gift-fasttrack
    pacman -S gift-openft
    pacman -S gift-gnutella

    If you want to install also the Ares plugin, download and compile it from http://gift-ares.berlios.de/

  3. Install one or more frontend for the giftd daemon (Apollon is the easier and it is build with QT, like KDE)
    pacman -S apollon
    pacman -S giftoxic
    pacman -S giftcurs

Installation from sources

instructions for every distro

  1. Download and extract the sources from the respective homepages that you can find here
    tar zxf package_name.tar.gz
    tar jxf package_name.tar.bz2

  2. Enter the giFT sources directory, and type:
    ./configure --prefix=/usr
    make install

  3. Install the plugin you want, entering the directory of every plugin and repeting the commands you used before

  1. Download and extract giFTdir.zip in your home directory
    unzip giFTdir.zip -d ~

    or type at console

    I suggest to follow the first option, because in that way you haven't to answer to the many questions of gift-setup and also because it is easier and quicker to make giFT running if it immediately finds the nodes file in its directory. The only line you have to change is the number 165 of the giftd.conf file that you extracted in your home in the hidden directory ~/.giFT. Change none with the path of the directories you want to share

    P.S. the giftd.conf file has been set to make giFT use the FastTrack, Gnutella and Openft networks: if you don't install the plugin for all the three network, you have to change the line 80 of the file accordingly to what you install

  2. Start the daemon and the frontend
    giftd -d

  3. Normally the access to the FastTrack network (the Kazaa™ one) is immediate, while for the other networks you have to wait few minutes.

  4. In case of errors look at ~/.giFT/giftd.log or contact me on the channel #archlinux of Azzurra server

  5. Download!
    P.S. you can easily reach 100 kb/s...cool

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