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[from http://www.amule.org/wiki/index.php/FAQ_ed2k]

What is Kademlia?

Kademlia is a natural evolution of the ED2K network. Kademlia is the future. See Are there any limitations on the ED2K network? for more information on why Kademlia is necessary.

Since Kademlia is a decentralized network, it removes the bottleneck that was previously caused by the need for servers (though Lugdunum has done great work in reducing this bottleneck). Now, instead of connecting to a server, you just connect to a client (with a known IP-address and port), which supports the network Kademlia. This is called the Boot Strapping.

Once connected, depending on your ability to accept incoming connections, you are given either "open" or "firewalled" status, which is similar to the HighID and LowID of the ED2K network. Then you are given an ID.

When searching, each client acts as a small server and is given responsibility for certain keywords or sources. This adds to the complexity of finding sources, as you no longer have a central server to ask, but instead will have to propagate the query through the network.

Current Kademlia is present only in the CVS snapshot. You can download the binary of aMule CVS snapshot from this site.

Is Kademlia the same as Overnet?

Short and clear: No. Overnet is the natural serverless evolution of the eDonkey software, while Kademlia is the natural serverless evolution of *Mule clients. Both are based on the original Kademlia algorithm but have been applied in different ways and there for are incompatible. So, it's the same philosophy, but different rules. To learn about how Overnet works, refer to http://www.edonkey2000.com/documentation/how_on.html but, keep in mind, Overnet's development is closed until it reaches version 1.0, while Kademlia's development is completly open from the very beginning.

Are there any limitations on the ED2K network?

Not much, but yes, there are: two natural limits and a "forced" limitation. The two natural limits have already been mentioned before. First, the issues on LowID users (their transfers involve data through the server and two LowID clients can't share between them). The second, although ED2K is a p2p protocol, it needs servers to establish the p2p connection. This latter one is solved in the Kademlia protocol.

About the "forced" limitation, it's only a limit to make sure that clients share so that the ED2K network will not disappear: clients which have an upload limit of X KBps, where X is between 0 and 3.99 (both included) can download at a maximum of X*3 KBps. Clients which have an upload limit of Y KBps, where Y is Between 4 and 9.99 (both included) can download at a maximum of Y*4 KBps. Clients with an upload limit of 10KBps or more have no downloading limitations. This restriction is set in the client application so it could be by-passed by hacking the code, but that would probably result in being banned from the servers you connect to.

Also, any client is forced to allow at least three upload slots, so it's not possible to allow more than upload_limit/3 KBps per slot.

There is one last limit: Network file limit is 4GB.

Additionally, this is not an eD2k limitation but a server limitation, servers will only send 300 results for your searches, so don't expect any more results.

Are there any limitations on the Kademlia network?

Just one. As it is a network derived from the ed2k network and, there for, has to maintain compatibility when it comes to identify files uniquely, the 4GB maximum file size limit exisits in the Kademlia network too.

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